Conversions & Adaptations

At Oxford Mobility,

We understand that every mobility vehicle needs to be unique to each of our clients. In consultation with your professional therapist, case worker, and/or family members, we’ll help you secure the right vehicle model, specific conversions to fit your needs, or even what can be done to modify your current vehicle. As a BraunAbility dealership, we can convert models such as the Chrysler Pacifica, Chrysler Grand Caravan, Toyota Sienna, Chevrolet Traverse, Honda Odyssey, and many more! Check out more details below to learn more about vehicle conversions here at Oxford Mobility.

Common Adaptations

Swivel/Turnout Seat

For easier access to your existing vehicle, a swivel chair like the LINK or Turny Evo can make it as simple as possible to enter your mobility van, or even your current vehicle. Turnout seats from LINK and Turny Evo are easily installed and versatile enough to be adjusted to fit your needs.

Hand Controls

For those with lower-body or upper-body mobility challenges, your therapist may recommend hand brakes and controls for your vehicle, mounted right on your steering wheel. Hand controls by companies such as SureGrip offer modifications for even your current vehicle, and are some of the easiest controls in the industry for everyone to quickly learn and use. For qualified drivers, we’ll install these hand controls and adaptations for easy use.

Converting Your Personal Vehicle

Your personal vehicle may also be eligible for conversion, pending a consultation with Oxford Mobility. We’re able to fully convert select models mentioned above, while can also make smaller-scale modifications to other existing models. We’ll sit down to determine if your vehicle is eligible to be modified by our technicians. Some considerations that influence the eligibility of your vehicle include:

  • Vehicle Size/Dimensions
  • Drivetrain: FWD or AWD
  • Mileage
  • Certain Appearance/Interior Packages
  • Vehicle History

Common Van Conversions

Check out our existing van conversions available for some of the most popular models here at Oxford Mobility. You’ll see a breakdown of what you can expect is possible from these models. Here is our list of our model conversions here at our London dealership location:

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For expert knowledge in your current or new vehicle adaptations to fit your needs, trust the experts here at Oxford Mobility to provide you with all the insight that you need. Working closely with your professionl therapist and personal circle, we’ll present you a detailed plan of how we can provide you with the perfect mobility vehicle to last you a lifetime. Book your consultation with us today via the form below. or give us a call to get started