Case Workers & Therapists

Case Workers & Occupational Therapists

The importance of working with case workers or occupational therapists cannot be understated for our clients. Professionals work directly with us to help you through the entire purchase process. The most important part of the entire process is ensuring that the vehicle model and modifications are all properly fitted to work for your unique needs. Critical ways that case workers and therapists support you through the process include the vehicle model is right for you, ensure proper visibility and functionality, and provide a prescription for your vehicle modifications. See how we support the work of case workers right here at our facility, and connect with us today.

How We Support the Professionals

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We understand that flexibility is important when it comes to meeting with your caseworker or therapist. That’s why our dealership representatives are more than able to travel to meet you and your support team, if it is easier than visiting our dealership. We’ll be able to sit down wherever it’s most comfortable for you, and start the process working with you and your caseworker to find the right mobility vehicle for you.
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Fully-Accessible Facility

Your case worker or occupational therapist, like any professional, requires the requisite facilities and equipment to make a proper recommendation. Fortunately, our facility here at Oxford Mobility is well-equipped for therapists to conduct all the testing required to determine which modifications you need for your mobility vehicle. Your therapist will experience the full benefit of being able to observe your test drive or seating positions and visibility at our dealership, as they can see all available modifications and models that we can offer to fit your needs.
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Finance & Funding Options

Occupational therapists and case workers have years of experience working in the industry, so you can rest assured that they have several industry connections and expert knowledge regarding all the available funding options for you. They’ll work with us to help you find the applicable funding sources from private, public, or personal lending programs.

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As you can see, the case workers and occupational therapists can be critical in the process of finding you your next mobility vehicle. At Oxford Mobility, we’re ready to help support you and your designated professional every step of the way, from helping find your next vehicle to educating you about your funding. Book your consultation with us via the form below to get started today.